The only banking partner in business you need.

Manage your business finances right and help your business skyrocket in no time. With Bankse you have easy, efficient and secure banking solutions for you and your business
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Your business banking, satisfied in one place.

Pay and get paid in any currency, monitor your transactions, issue additional cards for employees, keep your business finances organised with multiple sub-accounts, use additional business tools and more
Best for Freelancers, Companies & Enterprises
Company Debit Cards for you and your employees
Premium Features helping to support your business
Business Partner Program enabling you to reach more customers & grow your business even faster

More than just an ordinary business bank account.

Open your business account in minutes.

We know that as business owners you have little or no time for anything but work. With Bankse you can open your business account anywhere, at any time in minutes, all you need is your mobile phone. It's quick and easy

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Manage your business even better.

Have total control on all your business expenses with additional Company Debit Cards for your employees. Issue dedicated cards for employees in different departments and monitor where your money flows every month

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Make and accept payments in any currency.

Serve clients from all over the world. Set up multi-currency accounts for your business to easily make and accept payments in any currency. Exchange money in over 150 currencies at interbank rates and make your business global in no time

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Create invoices and issue bank statements.

With just a few clicks in your Bankse App, you can issue bank statements, create invoices for your clients and send them instantly

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Support your business with cash.

Own a cash business and need to lodge money to your account? or maybe you need to support your business with additional money? No problem. With Bankse you can lodge money to your business account easily and securely with cash deposit machines located all over Europe

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Use the language best for you.

Speak to us in your language and feel comfortable while managing your banking. Select the language best for you in our Bankse App and make everything nice and easy to use

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Keep all accounts in one place.

Switch between your personal and business account in seconds without having to log in and out of Bankse App. Keep your finances under control and enjoy using Bankse in every way and every account

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Bankse_Business Partner Program

Reach more clients with Bankse Business Partner Program

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Choose the best plan for your business.
It's your business, your money and your account.

Depending on the type of your business and what stage your business is on, you can select our Freelancer account, Company account or create a Custom plan that will fulfil all the needs of your business. Each account gives more possibilities and ways to help manage and grow your business with Bankse

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